Naked Cakes -No Frills Icing

In my heart of hearts, I was certain I had done a blog post on naked cakes. Looking back now, it seems not.

Never too late? The first one I ever ordered was for a day after wedding BBQ. That particular wedding itself was pretty formal so the naked cake wouldn’t suit so we ordered one from Cloudberry Bakery along with some other lovely desserts which all were gobbled up so quickly the bride barely got a nibble!  The point is though that they are fun and relaxed, fresh and still yummy without all of the frosting and fondant that people are used to seeing.

Because I don’t have any {proper} images of that particular naked cake, here are a few I just like anyway. – and um, as you will see, naked doesn’t mean not pretty!

stacked naked cakesSource

sponge naked cakesPhoto by Byron Loves Fawn

naked cakes orange cake with dripping icing Photo by AC Ellis

naked cakes sponge and creamPhoto by AC Ellis for The Cake Lady

raspberry naked cakesSource

Hungry yet? Here is another style of naked cake I’ve been noticing a lot lately. A crepe cake is so lovely and delicate.

naked cakes crepe cake Source

And finally, beware when describing the naked cake you want to your fiancee or parents. They may think you mean something like this:

a couple with a naked cakesSource

Heeheehee! Too funny! {gotta have a laugh don’t we?}

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