My Favorite Things

I love doing these posts because there are so many fun and crafty things out there that just need to be used. Often you find them in strange places but they are so perfect for weddings. We all look at lovely blog posts with great DIY items and think ‘well where do you find that??’

So these are a few favorite things I have come across recently that I just loved and have become my faves. Now get your imagination caps on!

Japanese paper tapes.

 tape multicolored My Favorite Things - Aislinn EventsSuper colorful and fun. I found these on Happy Tape and there are so many colors and patterns you are sure to find something to suit. Use them to wrap napkins, create a border on your table plan or menus, or use them as little drink flags on straws like this:


Pails, buckets, whatever your preference is to call them.

I’ve talked about my love for pails before because they are worth talking about again. So inexpensive for the number of uses they have. I found the simple ones above here. Use large ones as rustic wine or champagne buckets, mini ones for favors, how cute would it be to have your flower girl dropping petals from her little bucket! to simply hold pens for your guestbook, as your escort cards {plant sprouting herbs in each} or just for flowers like this:

My Favorite Things - Aislinn Events buckets and pails {source}

Textured paper

These beauties are on Paper Mojo where you can find an amazing range of textured and printed specialty papers to use for your menus, table plans, guestbooks, {again} wrap napkins just everywhere that you can think of! Like these invitations:

My Favorite Things - Aislinn Events textured cloth{source}

Now I’m just going to send you to a website that is one of my current faves. Cute Tape has so many little sweet items to add fun, interest, and quirkiness to your wedding.

My Favorite Things - Aislinn EventsYou can see items above that include colorful and plain tags, recycled ring stickers for the tags, plain shaped coasters for stamping, vintage stamp letters, mini clothespins, bakers twine, retro pens, Decorative bags for candy or cookies, paper straws, postage labels, more Japanese paper tape and oh so much more. I could just go crazy there!

So there you go. A few things I love and the resources to get going on your fabulous DIY projects!

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