meet photographer Kevin Charlie

I’m delighted today to have some beautiful photos from the multi talented and well rounded photographer Kevin Charlie from Toronto. I love people who are passionate about what they do and it shows in Kevin’s work.

He’s mainly a wedding and lifestyle photographer, but loves food and photographing it too thinking it that comes from my pastry chef background.  I told you he was well rounded!

He really tries to capture as many details as possible during a wedding and believes that its the little things that all add up to the beauty of a couple’s day. Personally, I totally agree. He really takes advantage of the surroundings and composes the backgrounds into his images as much as possible as you will see.


I hope you’re not hungry. How good do these look!


I love this simple idea for a dessert. Looks so tempting and still beautiful. Who need fancy schmancy food?



And nibbles


Kevin designs and creates his own packaging for CD/DVD’s. Isn’t that nice! And the cool thing is he will choose fabrics and ribbons that match his clients colour scheme from their day.


These last 2 images are some of his personal work. Doing personal photography work outside of his weddings keeps him creative. That’s what I meant about passion! Doing what you love just because. Just for yourself.


You can go to Kevin’s website here but please don’t pass up his Photo blog. It really is full of all things beautiful images from architecture and things we may not notice in everyday life to Weddings.

He’s on Facebook too!


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