Marquee Letters

Oh, yea. You have seen them and you want them! I know I do. Marquee Letters, Carnival letters, whatever you choose to call them they are fab and starting to pop up everywhere, especially at weddings. As well they should.

Mr and Mrs marquee lightsSource

ampersand light


Love marquee carnival lights


And not just for the wedding day. They are keepers and would look great in any house and light up any corner.

As you can see from the sources here, you can buy them {and they would really need to be a gift to yourself!}, try to source recycled original ones like these

recycled marquee letters

but if you are really crafty, you can make them. Like these


which you can see how to make here  or this one which below you can see how to make here

DIY Marguee lighting

Just give yourself some time and be careful with electricity! I had a wedding where we used them last year and the wiring was old, we nearly blew the venue electrics!

Go put your name in lights!

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