The Makeover!

This rebrand and website was a long time in coming. I really can’t believe that I started Aislinn Events in 2009 and the old website and logo are almost 4 years old. What an amazing time it has been! But I have to be honest in that I never really was in love with the logo or website so it was definitely time to do it right and hire a real professional to get the job done. I have so much going on and just needed someone to ‘get me’.

Because I love design, logos and typography, in general, I started a Pinterest page with what I liked and started researching {stalking} graphic designers which led me to Ann Parker at Grit and Wit. We had a few Skype calls and got along well and she was really enthusiastic which is very important to me, so it was quickly down to business. Ann asked the right questions and drew out of me things I hadn’t thought of at all. Loving a design is different than owning it. {something to remember with wedding design too!}

And so you see the end result all over but condensed here:

Aislinn Events wedding rebrand

The fun part though was looking through my past weddings. Of course, I’d seen the images from the photographers but it was really so difficult to actually choose which ones to use and to feature. Luckily I can update the site with new featured weddings as images come in from recent ones so stay tuned for that. There are many more to come!

What  I need to do now is pass on a huge amount of thanks to the people who really are making Aislinn Events website as gorgeous as it is now.

They are of course Ann from Grit and Wit for asking the right questions and working so hard. – and I know you did work hard and really appreciate it! {in fact she just did a blog post about my brand. Have a lookie at that!}

All of the wonderful photographers that I’ve worked with and were so gracious to let me use their images.

Like on the home page, Christina Brosnan of Brosnan Photographic for all of the main images and Kelly and Marcus’ featured photos, Mike Patterson for the footer photos {the boots shot!} on all of the pages and KOH Weddings for the footer photo and image on the FAQpage.

And to Sean and Kate of  Poppies & Me for {being generally awesome people and} the photos on the Elopement, Contact and Reviews pages as well as Christina & Tims feature  AND Cathy & Daire’s feature on my Portfolio pages {gosh, you guys are too generous!}

David McClelland was the photographer for Kati &George’s wedding and the image on the Services page. Thanks Dave!

Debs Ivelja who shot Josie & Jeffs wedding that I featured on the Portfolio page too.

And Shane O’Neill of Aspect photography for Joy & Scotts wedding feature.

Finally! To Aga Maru of White Tea Photography, thank you for making me relax and laugh so much when we were doing my profile photos. I know I wasn’t the best subject but you were great. Emma Farrell too for doing my hair {it stayed all day!} and makeup.

Oops, and someone else who has been so helpful and mega supportive not only with this rebrand but as long as I’ve known her, my PR guru Meghan Ely of OFD Consulting who always knows what to say and do. So much so that when I was overwhelmed with all the photos that needed to be chosen and content is written I knew I must go straight to her! Thanks Meghan!!

So for now, I hope you enjoy having a look around and I thank you for visiting.

Ooh and show me a little love sometime in the ‘ole comments box!

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