Luxury Linens from Wildflower

Luxury Linens Purple ruffle Chair covers

I feel a bit lazy now because the post below is actually one I did over a year ago but often topics come up again and again as is the case of table linens for me this week. I have been thinking, talking and hearing about them quite a bit lately as well as looking for some good ones in this country. Let me say the search is still on to find anything like these luxury linens.

So here we go again!

For quite a while now I have been of the opinion that chair covers are on the way out. For the same price {or very nearly} you can hire lovely stylish chairs instead of those horrid banqueting chairs that most venues have.  But hold on a minute and let’s rethink this. – or should I say just take a look at this……..

These fabulous creations are designer chair covers and linens. Wildflower Linens are the leading designer and producer of specialty table linens and chair covers. Sadly for us here they are in Southern California but we must take a bit of inspiration from them. I don’t know where to start and I’ll tell you I didn’t know where to stop with all of the fabulousness either!

Purple ruffle Chair covers wildflowers linens

Super soft and girly pink

luxury linens coverings in gold Purely elegant

luxury linens Purple ruffle Chair covers

Classy and elegant?

luxury linens beachy wedding table

Perfect for a beachy theme.

luxury linens table in green with flowers in the middle

Crisp green and gorgeous

luxury linens table and chairs coverings

Fab, frilly and glam!

I love all of these and you will find more on Wildflower Linens website here and inspiration section here.

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