Long Vs Round

You know the term ‘different strokes for different folks?’  Well as an American in Ireland I see lots of things done here that are so standard and done so often, people almost think doing anything different just isn’t going to work/  isn’t good enough / won’t look right / or simply “you can’t do it”.

Certainly I’m not here to talk anyone down. Especially the Irish. I’m married to one, really love living here, and don’t want to be run out of the country but I do tend to push the boundaries sometimes and one thing I often push for is long tables as opposed to the standard banqueting rounds. I have heard so many excuses from venues as to why not to do them it drives me nuts.  Some of which include ‘It will make the place look like a canteen’ and another ‘But they will be more difficult to serve.’  Are you kidding me? Have you no vision? So of course I have rebuttals for them all.

Don’t get me wrong, it is a matter of taste and preference but in my {humble} opinion, long tables can be very elegant and give so much more of a sociable dinner party feel than the big round banqueting tables.

Here, I’ll show you. This is one of my own weddings.

Long Vs Round - Aislinn Events

Does that look like a canteen to you?” Huh?”

A few more examples for you

Long Vs Round - Aislinn Events

Photo by Jose Villa

long tables{Source}

And finally, looks like a canteen you say? Tell Ivanka Trump that.

long tablesFlowers by Preston Bailey and images via Bridal Guide

So give it a try. At least consider it for a change and give your guests a new experience.

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