Letterpress Style

This post started out as a stationery and letterpress {love letterpress} post but then I followed the printers link to the actual wedding photos of the couples they printed the stationery for and it is now also a real wedding post with a little design too.

Ok so I’ll start at the beginning. As mentioned above, I love letterpress, always have, and one of my favorite letterpress printers and designers is Studio On Fire in America. I love that they have edgy designs where most letterpress seems so soft and kind of feminine, so I stop by their blog on occasion to see what they are up to.

Well I saw one of their recent wedding projects and thought the detail was pretty amazing. Here, have a lookie

Letterpress Style

The bride and groom, Sofia and Ben are both graphic designers {handy eh?} who designed the invitation suite for Studio on Fire to press in antique brown and yellow. They are classy but fun and here is a bit more detail

Letterpress Style{I can understand the lettering but how do they do the map?!?}

Letterpress Style

The main invitation was mailed with an accompanying information card,  cleverly designed with a perforation line, allowing the attached RSVP card to be removed and returned.

Letterpress Style

Now we get to move on to the actual wedding that the invites were made for. Prepare to see how your invitations and printed items fit into your whole wedding and really help continue the theme and feeling.

Letterpress Style

Here are the stylish and talented Sofia and Ben!

Congratulations to them and a super big thanks to Dustin and Whitney at Oh Darling Photography for letting me share the beautiful photos. You should pop over to their blog for a look at more wedding loveliness. Everyone looks like they are having such fun! and Irish brides, they would love to come over!

Yay! Love this.

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