Lemonade the taste of summer

Summers are wonderful but summers as a kid were the best! And nothing reminds me of my childhood summers more than ice-cold lemonade,  I do believe I actually had a lemonade stand one year, so what better for a summer wedding theme than fresh tart and sweet lemonade.

Here is a little lemonade inspiration for a sweet {and tart} summer wedding starting with some sweet wedding invitations

Left Hello Lucky Right Etsy

Decor, in general, keep it homely and honest. Nothing fancy. think backyard, outdoors, summers on the lawn how about a few games on the lawn too.

Find these on Etsy

Lemonade Inspired Wedding

Those last 2 photos are by Jose Villa

Photo by Wings of Glory photography

and they did a whole lemonade themed shoot that you can see here on SMP

A few other fun things you can do are of course flavoured lemonades like raspberry, strawberry, lavender, mint

{Photo Source}

And get loads of lemonade recipes here

Be sure to make those lemonade flavours look good with these,

Labels from Etsy

Lemonade Inspired Weddingsource and labels via Eat Drink Chic

Like the labels? Get them free here! – again courtesy of Eat Drink Chic.

And finally, don’t forget someone to serve the lovely lemonades to your guests!

Lemonade Inspired Wedding

As always, just go and have fun with it!

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