Is A Sparkle Just A Sparkle?

A while back I did a post about a guy I met who proposed to his girlfriend with a cubic zirconia ring. Yes, shock horror! But wait, he only used it as a prop until they could go together to choose the real deal.  Anyway, while I was doing a bit of poking around and looking for images for that post I have to say, have you seen what they are doing with cubic zirconia lately? I mean I always thought of it as costume jewelry but nowadays they are doing classic and funky styles as well as antique and vintage looking engagement rings in platinum.

Yes, there still are over the top cocktail rings {which are really just too fun to resist!} but in certain cases, do you want something you can afford or a style of ring you really want? So I pose the question, will only real diamonds do? or is it the sparkle that you are after? Would you really be able to tell the difference?

Here are a few I saw:

and I’ll start with the expected OTT

Is A Sparkle Just A Sparkle? {source}

This is a 15 carat emerald cut CZ in white gold. This is for fun and bling. Seriously. No one would believe anyone but Elizabeth Taylor would have a real diamond this size! And at $720 it’s a bit much to wear for a little fun!


By contrast, this is a ‘Tiffany inspired’ solitaire is in sterling silver and you can fool your friends for about $60.

Is A Sparkle Just A Sparkle? {source}

I have always loved emerald-cut diamonds and this one is enviable and gorgeous whether it is real or not. With a price tag of $390, of course, it’s not.


I see quite a few of this style. In a brilliant cut, emerald or princess, it’s a new classic and only $570. Hmmmmm.

Is A Sparkle Just A Sparkle? {source}

But this ‘Asscher inspired’ cut is the bomb. It is my new favorite diamond cut. I nearly don’t care if this is real or not.

So there are a few pretties. Take them seriously or use them for fun but I have to say if you are in love and want to get married not get into debt, that matters more than the bling.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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