Irish Wedding Dresses

These Irish wedding dresses are the real deal. Designed by an Irish designer they are not Irish themed or medieval, they are strictly now, in the moment, purely modern, stylish and good enough for any red carpet be it the one on your wedding day or in Hollywood.
These gowns are from Theia’s fall {autumn to your Europeans} 2015 collection and designed by Don O’Neill who was born in the west of Ireland.

The collection is all about light and radiance. Certainly you can see the wintery feeling in them in the colors, dripping sparkles and wedding coats. Personally I love the 2 piece gowns but have a look at the Cashmere one. How dreamy would that be for a winter wedding in Ireland!

wedding pant suit

sparkling drop beading and lace wedding gown


Did you know it’s Irish tradition to be married in blue? How stunning is this!? and stay tuned for another blue gown. Love them too. Any wedding gown with color is wonderful. And you can tell everyone it’s an Irish thang.

Soft blue brocade wedding gown

1920s beaded style wedding gown. wedding dress 1920s style

bridal blue wedding dress, blue wedding gown 2 piece wedding dress

boat neck wedding dress. Tulle wedding dress

beaded fitted sheath wedding gown

lace wrap wedding dress

beaded bodice wedding gown, Irish wedding dress

modern beaded neck wedding gown

chunky lace wedding dress, irish wedding gown designer

Winter Wedding coat, white wedding coat, Irish wedding dress

White Wedding coat, Winter wedding coat, winter wedding dress, gown


Stop the show! Look at this for a non traditional wedding gown. Two piece and blue!

two piece wedding dress, blue wedding gown, elegant two piece wedding dress theia bridal2 cashmere and satin wedding gown. Alternative wedding dress two piece wedding dress,

Not seen enough Irishness in the designs above? This is the one that will do it……

cashmere wollen aran wedding gown

cashmere wedding gown, Irish aran knit wedding gown

I can totally see this gown on a bride eloping to the west of Ireland. Just her and her man in this dress with a stony, green backdrop. Love it!  Just wish I’d look that good in all of them.

So where to buy Theia gowns? Just ask them here ,  Want to see more? Just have a lookie at their Pinterest page  here and be prepared to fall in love.

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