Irish Castles for Sale

Do you even come across a website and just become fascinated by it? I do! And not always a wedding or design websites.

This week I found Former Glory. A website for people with an interest in a period property in Ireland, including Irish castles, churches, barns, mills, Georgian & Victorian houses, schoolhouses, railway stations, derelict farmhouses and cottages, and any old building with character.

Reading through the website you can find these types of properties to buy, rent or just visit out of curiosity. And hey, if you are looking for a place for an intimate wedding, here could be your hidden gem!

Here are a few for sale:

Irish Castles tall white castle

For Sale! E299,000 in Co Galway

The images for this one are just beautiful

Irish Castles in the dusk purple color

For Sale! E POA in Co Tipperary

and more photos of Grantstown Castle

Irish Castles collage Norman look

And another {This was supposed to be a quick post but I just can’t stop!}

Irish Castles

For Sale! E850,000 in Co Wicklow

They are all beautifully photographed too so if you love {Irish castles}, architecture or just love to dream go have a look!

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