Irish Castles and Manor Houses for Weddings

I have been wanting to do a post on Irish Castles for a long time so when I saw an article in the Irish Times at the weekend about castles and manor houses that are being offered as holiday rentals, I thought now is the time as there are many more available Castles and Manor Houses since the property bubble burst. In fact, there are so many {really, there always have been but now there are more!} that I will have to do a series of posts.

The castle and manor houses in this article are on offer for from €4,800 for a week and sleeps up to 14 guests which is actually reasonable {€345 per person for a week} up to €10,000 per night for 24 guests. The prices don’t include staff but the Agent says prices are negotiable.

If you are happy to go through them as I do, here is our first. It’s a big one and it’s fabulous!

Ballinatray House, Youghal, Co Cork

Castles and Manor Houses in youghal

Rich in history, the first recorded house was built in the early half of the seventeenth century by Sir Richard Smyth. The house was virtually destroyed in 1645 and later rebuilt several times by successive generations until it took on its current appearance, a Georgian mansion.

The surrounding landscape was laid out in the first quarter of the nineteenth century and is a romantic and picturesque House and Gardens with a ruined Abbey, a keep and a ruined Church along the river.

There are opportunities for the Ballynatray estate to be taken over in its entirety for residential private events and it is especially ideal for weddings, with the Blackwater lawn at the back of the house providing a unique setting for a marquee.

It has 4 reception rooms, 3 suites and a double room in the main house and a further 4 suites in the Love Nest {anyone planning a marriage proposal?} cottages, 1 studio with balcony, above the Boat House and Wood cottage provides an additional three bedrooms.

stately rooms in Castles and Manor Houses

There is also an indoor heated pool, whirlpool spa, steam room, sauna and fitness room. A snooker room, staff to maintain both the house and the estate with laundry service, activities, helicopter landing facilities and security.

It is a dream! And you really have to see it to believe it so here are a few more and the website is a definite go see and really interesting read!


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