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I think I’ll start a series on this. I’m not terribly controversial but I do have opinions {sure don’t we all}. You can choose To listen to them or not but if I do express an opinion it comes from experience.

This one is on your wedding gown and there are a few things I’d like to throw out there about the gown.

1} Yes your gown is beautiful. You shopped til you nearly dropped to find “the one”. Make sure it fits. Especially if it is strapless. You don’t want to be hiking it up All. Day. Long. That isn’t flattering, neither is your bits nearly falling out. your gown should fit so well that you don’t have to mess or fiddle with it.

Wedding Dresses

Kate never had to fiddle with her gown

2} When you are having it fitted, be sure to bring the correct underwear and SHOES. The other thing that is just awful to see is a gown that is too long. I’d rather see a gown just slightly too short {with some fabulous shoes underneath it} than a bride pulling it up, lifting the skirt and just looking like she simply can’t handle wearing it. Standing up straight helps a lot with this too.

3} Practice walking in it! With your shoes! A gown is not the type of outfit you wear on a regular basis so practice at home going up the stairs gracefully, sitting down, standing up, bending and talking, even dancing. Get used to wearing it and get comfortable in it.

4} and this may be the most controversial, it will drag on the ground. It will. If it has a train of any kind it’s going to drag on the ground {unless you are Kate and you have Pippa to carry it}. That means the underneath will get dirty. Try to get through the ceremony and photos first before taking unnecessary risks with it but you bought it to wear so don’t panic if the underneath gets a bit dirty. Again, hiking up your skirt and holding the train up all day is a fruitless effort and just looks silly and uncomfortable. Learn to bustle it and you will be fine for the night.

So that’s my 2 cents. Look good in your gown and wear it well!!

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