How To Be A Good Bride

SSo you may think you have this down pat. What could be easier? You are not a Bridezilla so you must be a good bride right?

I had a bride a while back. I don’t think ever I have had as much correspondence and change ups. She was a handful. But you know what? On the day? She was fabulous. I kept saying to myself “she is the perfect bride.” She knew where the photographer was at all times, smiled perfectly, had all of the poses, greeted her guests with genuine welcome and love and did it all pretty much at the same time. She was amazing!

Good Bride couple kissing

Photo by Shane O’Neill of Aspect Photography Ireland

Here is what {I think} a good bride is,

Rested. Nothing will cause stress or make you look out of sorts faster than being tired. I know all of your old friends and family are around and you want to spend time with them. Absolutely do! I also know that the last minute preparations can be hectic – I am a planner after all! But make sure you have taken enough time off of work before your wedding to get everything done. If you are not rested all of the other tips here will fall short.

Courteous, polite, well mannered and generally gracious. It is your day but you have invited your guests and that is what they are. Your guests. Have a look at this great blog post by The Ebel of Los Angeles.

Genuine. This should be easy because you will be so happy on your wedding day but don’t forget to be kind to people. Stay calm and say please and thank you.

Relaxed. Your guests will be as relaxed as you are. If something comes up that needs to be dealt with do so calmly or delegate it to your planner, a bridesmaid or site coordinator.

Looks good. We know this is your moment and you have been dieting for months, had the makeup and hair done, wearing the fabulous dress and are glowing. Please remember to stand up straight! Tall and proud, shoulders back. It will make a huge difference to your photos and you will feel proud.

A good wife. You and your groom should be attentive to each other. I’m not saying at each other’s hips all of the time, but close and loving and together. Sharing your wedding day and greeting your guests as a couple.

Good Bride bride sitting in chair

Photo by Shane O’Neill of Aspect Photography in Ireland

So think about those things. You may have more and there probably are more but these are the main ones in my head.

Go out there and be the best bride you can be!!

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  1. Thank you for referencing our post on what every gracious bride knows. Its a reminder that the wedding planning process is not a solo endeavor – its about the bride, and the groom, and their families, and their event professionals and the process of hiring and buying and deciding and researching…its a huge undertaking, and so much more enjoyable with the right attitude and a center of calm, even when one feels like they are in a storm of planning overwhelm.

    Your advice is wonderful, and we can all take your advice (and the recommendations for being gracious) into our lives even beyond the moment of matrimony…

    ~Melissa Allen
    The Ebell of Los Angeles

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