Glove Love

When I think of gloves I think of the ’80s. You probably aren’t as old as I am so may not have those Madonna flashbacks.

I hope you aren’t getting 80’s flashbacks because I am talking more Jackie Kennedy than Madonna, and lace and even fingerless can be done with great style if done in keeping. – But I tread cautiously as gloves can add old-style glamour and elegance or even whimsey depending on how you pair them with your gown but they can go so very very wrong {thinking back to the ’80s}.

Here are some examples of getting it right

Photos from Style Me Pretty

Photo by Ashley Rose via Green Wedding Shoes

Found on Etsy

Photo by Emma Case via Emmaline Bride

And some gloves I love {not necessarily Bridal either}

Via Off Beat Bride

BHLDN has a beautiful selection too


I have a year to look for some like these. Love them!

And finally just a classic and stunning gloved image – for inspiration.

Image from Dust Jacket

And if you are wondering about glove etiquette, “Glove etiquette is a reflection of the times. Historically, the length of the glove was directly related to how formal the affair and the time of day. Glove lengths range from 1-button, ending at the wrist, to 20-button, ending at the shoulder. The length you choose should complement your sleeve length. Generally, the shorter the sleeve, the longer the glove-a sleeveless or strapless gown would dictate a glove that comes to the upper arm. During the exchanging of rings, you may either remove the glove from the left ring finger by slitting the fabric underneath and lifting it over the finger or you may choose to remove the glove altogether. If you remove the glove, simply give it to the maid of honour at the same time you pass your bouquet. At the reception, your gloves should be kept on in the receiving line and for special dances with your groom and your father. As it is never acceptable to eat or drink while wearing gloves, you should remove your gloves before cutting your wedding cake. As the more formal aspects of your wedding are now complete, you may wish to take off your gloves, relax, and enjoy your party!”

Sounds a bit formal to me. I just think they are pretty so twisting it to how you like it!

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