Figgies Wedding Shoes

We have established that I’m all about shoes. Flats, heels, boots, booties, slippers {4 pairs of the homebound snugglies} sandals, platforms….. well, you get it.

On your wedding day, your shoes should be extra special. A work of art maybe. Choos, Manolos, Atwoods, all works of art in their own right, and now Figgies.

Perfectly personal, Figgies Wedding Shoes are custom hand-painted shoes that you can have made for your wedding. Actually you find the shoes and Figgy will design, paint and personalize them.

Here, have a look at what is possible and be sure to look closely at the detail. It’s pretty amazing.

All artwork and images are from Figgies

Figgies Wedding Shoes hand painted shoes

Figgies Wedding Shoes hand painted shoes

Figgies Wedding Shoes Figgies Wedding ShoesFiggies Wedding Shoes

Figgies Wedding Shoes

Such a great thing for a wedding or a special treat. You are only limited by your imagination. I just love them.


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