Our Wedding Services

Everyone has questions. After all, this is all very new to you!

So here are a few of the top frequently asked questions I get asked the most, to help guide you:

Where do you do your weddings?

We work and do weddings all throughout Ireland. I’m based in Dingle, Co Kerry which is a stunning area in the southwest of Ireland, but we are happy to travel to your location of choice and will help you find that perfect location!

My venue has a dedicated wedding coordinator and suggested suppliers list/ My mom or a family friend is going to help plan the wedding. Why do I need to a wedding planner?

That’s a great question that we get often! Your venue coordinator will be an excellent resource for all questions related directly to the property but a wedding planner will be able to assist with your entire vision from start to finish. Additionally, we’re on hand to guide you with all aspects of your wedding planning- not just ones related to the venue. As for family and friends, they are a great support system but we want them to enjoy your wedding day as your guests.  With a wedding planner, you can be 100% honest with us, and you don’t have to worry about asking too many questions. Let us be the ones to run around, make phone calls and set up decor on your behalf.

With me over here and you over there, how will we communicate?

Technology is going to be our new best friend! Skype, emails {lots of emails!} and Pinterest tend to be the best tools for my couples. We’ve done weddings for many couples who have never set foot in Ireland before they arrived here the week of their weddings and I’m happy to say that they’ve all been perfect.

Will you be at my actual wedding day?

Absolutely- you just try to keep me away! {wait, that sounds a little stalker-ish} I’ll be there to get everything in place for you and make sure the day runs smoothly.


We do have a budget we have to work with. Is all of this expensive?

You know what? Everyone has a budget- whether it’s €2,000 or €200,000. We’ve actually worked with budgets of less than €4,000 for very intimate weddings. Ultimately it is about being realistic,knowing what is important to you, setting priorities, making compromises and your final choices.

Do you accept commissions or kickbacks from any vendors?

No. Never have and never will. You will get the right vendors for YOU.

How much do you charge?

The cost for my services begins at €1400 for intimate weddings but there are a lot of variables as every couple’s needs are different. There is no hourly or travel charges so you know what your costs will be from the start with no surprises. We’ll want to set up a time to talk it all through and I’ll then send you a customized cost proposal and outline of services to fit your needs.

Do you take credit cards and can we have a payment plan?

We are happy to accept credit cards via PayPal, as well as set up a payment plan upon request.  Typically, we ask for a first payment at the time of booking, a second deposit approximately four to 6 months prior to your wedding, and the final balance on or before your wedding day, but we are happy to work with you on this as long as the balance is paid by the wedding day.

May we contact some of your former clients to see what it’s like to work with you?

Absolutely- we’d be happy to share references and would also encourage you to review the testimonials on our site here  or on our Facebook page

This all sounds fab. What do we do next to get started?

First, contact us! You can do that here and we will set up a Skype meeting or phone call to discuss your vision, what you need and figure out where we can help the most. Then, you will get a proposal and outline budget based on what we discussed for you to look over and if you are happy, I’ll prepare a contract and we’ll get started!