Edible Wedding Favors

When I was little, every wedding I went to or my parents went to, I recieved a little packet of 5 sugared Jordan almonds wrapped in tulle with a little bow and very often 2 gold wedding rings.

Edible Wedding Favors tied with bow

I thought they were the most beautiful things ever. And even though they didn’t really taste that nice {IMO} I suffered through nearly breaking my teath to eat them because that is what you did.

Now thankfully we have evolved a bit and although the 5 Jordan almond tradition is still… well, a tradition, there are some much more modern and tastier ways to thank your guests for coming to your wedding.

The selection and wrapping or presentation of these edible wedding favors should reflect you, your wedding style and things you just want to share like these {in order of my own personal preference so you know}

Edible Wedding Favors doughnut wedding favoursImage from The Knot

{OMG} Doughnuts to take home. Krispy Kreme or other, this bride would be my new bestest friend.

chocolate chip cookie edible party favors Image from Wedding Bee

Chocolate Chip Cookies individually wrapped and you can show off your new domestic goddessness by making  them yourself.

Image from Wedding Bee

Return to your childhood {or mine anyway} and pack up individual S’mores.

Image from Bliss Wedding Market

Popcorn for the drive home. You know this won’t make it home to the kids.

Edible Wedding Favors cookie in a jarImage Etsy

Again easy to DIY but a little more effort for your guests having to add the egg and butter. But still……

Edible Wedding Favors mm everyone likes pie Image Martha Stwart

Little take away pies. How cute are they? And you may recall I noted that Pie tables will be sharing the spotlight with the candy and desserts displays very soon.

Edible Wedding Favors caramel appleImage by Jason Angelini via Two Excited Nests

Candied or Caramel Apples. Again great fun with childhood memories attached. – or a carnival theme.

I’m going to preempt the last few images here by simply adding that you can do a pie in a jar, brownie in a jar, cheesecake in a jar, and believe it or not, jam in a jar!

Then there are the drinkable wedding favors.

Edible Wedding Favors coffee bagsImage source

Coffee. Choose a special brew just for you.

chocalate Edible Wedding Favors Image Source

Warm the cockles of their hearts with a hot chocolate for when they get home. – with marshmallows of course!

Edible Wedding Favors teaImage source

Or create your own special brew of teas.

All such nice little extras for your guests who love you so much. And really? pretty easy to do.

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