Eclectic and Beautiful

Do you mind if I show you another beautiful wedding? Didn’t think so.

Yes, as mentioned, my last Sunday evenings peruse of the webcam came up trumps and I also came across Simply Bloom Photography. Simply Bloom is Vania and Christine in Alabama and they travel. Boy, do they travel.

Anyway, I contacted them to see if I could show one of their weddings because a good few of them caught my eye. One that I wanted has been published in Unveiled Weddings Magazine which is in the Southern States of America but thought that if 1/3 of America had already seen it, I’d show you yet another beautiful wedding. {Go to the link and look anyway!}.

Vania and Christine pretty much gave me free reign {yippee!} to choose the wedding I wanted to show so you will now see Genny & Devin’s.

Eclectic, creative, relaxed, personal and beautiful.

It’s kind of all the things I am always harping on about.

Eclectic and Beautiful

Eclectic and Beautiful

Eclectic and Beautiful

And I have to say, I am mad about Batman. Doing his own thing! Girls, how many of you would freak out if your child wanted to wear his batman suit? But you see? Let him!

Love it!

Thanks to Vania and Christine and head on over to see more. Plenty of links above!

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