Doe Eyes

False eyelashes doe eyes turquoise blue and gemstones {Image Source}

False eyelashes are the bomb! Whether you use a whole strip for full on glam or a subtle few on the outer edges for a flirty look they just really add that extra punch for a special occasion.

1. Choose your lashes. If you want that glam look then go for the full set and if it’s flirty and subtle you are going for, then use the individual or trimmed a set for the outside corners of your eyes.

2. Choose a color. Dark for the evening and a little for a more natural look.

3. Don’t overdo the length. Lashes should follow the natural line of your own eyelashes so trim them with hair scissors to get a proper fit. For a more natural look, the false eyelashes should be slightly longer than your natural lashes.

4. Trim: Trim the false eyelashes to a length and width that suits your eye size. The more you keep the lashes closer to your real eyelash length, the more natural the false lashes will look when you apply them. If you don’t trim them properly they may cause irritation when you blink. Always trim your false lashes before you apply glue.

doe eyes

The dramatic look

5. Full Set Application: Start with clean eyes. No makeup or debris and apply a very thin line of adhesive along the base of the false lashes. Allow it to sit for one minute to let the glue work. Apply the false lashes just above your natural lashes not gluing them on to your lashes and using your natural curve as a guide. Make any minor adjustments needed with your fingertips or tweezers and allow them to set.

The natural look

Individual Lash Application: Place individual lashes using a tweezer as it is easier to control the individual ones than with your fingers. Apply glue to a small piece of foil. Secure lashes with a tweezer and dip the base slightly into the glue. Give it a minute for the glue to set. Then apply to the base of your eyelash. Again not on your real lash. To give a more dramatic effect, apply longer lashes towards the outer corner of your eyes.

6. Apply your eye makeup. Use your eyeliner as you prefer {pencil or liquid, heavy or subtle} followed by eye makeup and mascara! Ta da!

Gosh, I wish I had some. I’d put them on right now!

Either choice is a great look.

PS Try You Tube for some really good video tutorials

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