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Ok, my title sounds boring but rentals are not. Seriously. You can totally change a room and its atmosphere so please read on.caterhire

Most venues and hotels have all the basic items you will need for your wedding but have a good look at them. Are they nice? Do they match? Or do you just want to spice things up a bit? Do a bit more to the décor than chair covers? Well think about party rental companies.

They are more than just chair covers and linens and definitely not only for marquees. Using the chairs as an example, did you know that for just about the same price {sometimes less} as hiring chair covers to hide those ugly stained {yuck} conference chairs your hotel has you can hire Chiavari or Regency chairs for your reception in a variety of colors and even colored seat covers. And that is just the beginning.

You may want a proper cocktail party but your venue doesn?t have martini glasses {gasp!}. I am currently working on a wedding with an Art Nouveau twist and will be getting the old fashioned {but really cool} champagne caterhire2 sequoia productionssaucers instead of using the hotel?s champagne flutes.  Sharpen up the dinner plates by getting square ones, triangular or silver rimmed

If your venue or even the function room has extra space why section one area off as a lounge? You can hire cushy leather sofas, chairs and coffee tables. Kit out the bar or even create a new one with colorful high stools for some sophistication. Make the most out of the outdoor space {check the forecast first} by hiring outdoor furniture and heaters.


All images, Caterhire

There are all types of style available so really make your wedding your own!


Live, Love, Laugh and Dream!

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