Creating Chandeliers

Every Saturday now I plan on posting a quick little diddy on something I have come across on the net. Something fun, pretty, foodie, holidayish, and of course wedding related. I did my first one last week {I hope you saw it} on pretty party decorations in a box and today I am going to lean beck to a post I did a while back, Always Look Up. This is DIY chandeliers. Why not? there is room to be creative here too! Just make sure your venue is ok with it. Inspired by a post I saw on Every Last Detail Blog create something fun and stylish with vintage postcards or paper as you see here:

Creating Chandeliers

vintage paper Chandelier

Or bright and sparkly Christmas baubles:

Creating Chandeliers

Christmas bauble chandelier

Or Champagne glasses

Creating ChandeliersKeep thinking creatively!

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