Colored Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

Ok, here we go.

Wedding trends that we had seen on the horizon may shift because of one epic new driving wedding force to be reckoned with in 2011.

A Royal Wedding.

Whatever Kate decides will be huge. Her gown, her flowers, her bridesmaids, everything. And can I just say that Meghan Ely, our speaker at The Business of Weddings Ireland saw this coming? Meghan said, whatever Kate does will be the be-all and end-all for weddings in 2011.

The good news is that I have great faith in her. She is Kate Middleton after all and not Katie Price. We will have elegance and etiquette down to the last Royal silver teaspoon.

Let’s start with Will’s first great decision. The engagement ring. Yes, it was Diana’s. A sentimental and priceless decision but because of it, we will see colored stones in engagement rings. And if you are already engaged and would like to include color, why don’t you look at wedding bands with coloured gemstones stones?

Now, this isn’t a new thing. My best friend has a sapphire center stone with baguette diamonds down the side. It’s gorgeous. And Jessica Simpson is recently engaged and sporting a ruby color engagement ring. Penelope Cruz too. In fact, many celebs have colored diamonds or gemstones in their engagement rings.

Here are a few I wouldn’t say no to!

Ooh and they are all from Tiffany.Colored Engagement RingsColored Engagement RingsColored Engagement RingsTiffany Colored Engagement Rings** Huge sigh** The Pink one has my name all over it. **Sigh**

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