Celtic Promise

Jewelry is often a part of the poignant moments of our lives. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings as well as marking memories of special places and happy times. It’s because of that I am sure that many of my couples choose Celtic jewelry like wedding bands or gifts for their bridal party.

Rich in meaning, history, and culture the jewelry and symbols on them create a lasting personal impression to the receiver. I still have the first Claddagh ring my husband gave me as well as an ogham necklace from an old boyfriend {don’t tell the hubby}.

But I think I’ll just stop and show you a sliver of what is included in this gorgeous collection of pieces by Designers Martina Hamilton, Brian De Staic, John Condron, Joseph Harbourne, Alan Clancy, Gary Pillow, and Paul O’Neill.

I’ll start with the rings in several styles

and necklaces and pendants

Cuff-links {I really like these for the guys} and gifts

Now that you have seen the beauties, I’ll go on about the integrity of the pieces. I often talk about passion in your suppliers and this collection has been built with passion. The aim of the whole website is to create a place to share and promote the talents of contemporary Celtic jewelry designers to a wider audience with a mission is to bring individual and carefully made pieces that are usually only found at local craft fairs and hard to find, exclusive, design stores. They want to be a team that regularly discovers new designers, and connects you to an exciting and contemporary culture, inspired by the past, but for discerning jewelry lovers of today.

You will not only get a beautiful hand made pieces but also passion in your jewelry and gifts. Love that!

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