Pretty Packaging

I’m always trying to find new fun and stylish items of all kinds for my brides and of course when I really need something it can be a scramble to find what I want. Once I get my mindset on something I cannot rest until I have found it so maybe and hopefully Premier Packaging […]

Wedding Styling

This may seem a no brainer but there is a method to styling a wedding. It’s not just table cloths and chair covers {yuch!} although your linens will play a part. It’s not plopping a fairy light backdrop behind your top table. It’s also not just the flowers and centerpieces or decoration.  And a wedding […]

Cox & Cox beautiful and practical products

I had a totally different post in mind for today but as I was doing a few searches for that now soon- to- be- posted post, I came across Cox & Cox. There are so many fabulous little lovelies from them I changed tack. Cox & Cox offer offered unusual, beautiful and practical products especially […]

A few of my favourite things

I’m a simple girl. My husband thinks I’m difficult to shop for but I’m (absolutely) not. I love everything beautiful and today, in honour of my birthday, I decided to put together a few (only a few) of my favourite things. So if anyone needs to do a bit of shopping for me this may […]