Wedding Chairs

Most people don’t think too much about them, but I have a thing for chairs at weddings. I’m obsessed with chairs at weddings. They can complement the full decor and style so much I swoon with loveliness or irritate me so much I want to scream. I think this obsession came from seeing too many […]

Long Vs Round

You know the term ‘different strokes for different folks?’  Well as an American in Ireland I see lots of things done here that are so standard and done so often, people almost think doing anything different just isn’t going to work/  isn’t good enough / won’t look right / or simply “you can’t do it”. […]

Saturday Quickie – kelly swallow chairs

Today’s post is a bit off-topic. But then I allow myself to go a bit off-topic on a Saturday. I talk about style a lot here on Day Dreamin and certainly, everyone has their own style. Well, I saw these fabulous Kelly Swallow chairs and fell in love with them. I’d love to have one […]

Luxury Linens from Wildflower

I feel a bit lazy now because the post below is actually one I did over a year ago but often topics come up again and again as is the case of table linens for me this week. I have been thinking, talking and hearing about them quite a bit lately as well as looking […]

vintage tea

Wedding styling and décor is so much more than chair covers {yuck} and fairy light backdrops. It is the little touches. It is bringing a look together. {those fairy light things never even fill the whole wall!} Look to the little details to add the style and personality. Pearl & Godiva are doing that little […]