White Printing

Have you noticed it? Did it evolve from Chalkboards? {source} Maybe began with embossed letterpress? {source} However, this trend evolved it’s beautiful and it’s on-trend. It’s white printing or white calligraphy. {source} Now that I’ve mentioned it I bet you realize you have seen it everywhere. It looks so cool, doesn’t it? Done on darker […]

Saturday Quickie

Whether you are a little bit country or a little bit rock n roll, how cool {no pun intended!} are these ice cubes? Use them for a themed wedding, engagement party or Stag/Bachelor party. They are from Save on Crafts. One of my favorite sources for wedding supplies. Check them out. There is soooo much […]

Cox & Cox beautiful and practical products

I had a totally different post in mind for today but as I was doing a few searches for that now soon- to- be- posted post, I came across Cox & Cox. There are so many fabulous little lovelies from them I changed tack. Cox & Cox offer offered unusual, beautiful and practical products especially […]