Oscar Style

Yes I love love love the Oscars. And even though I didn’t get to actually watch it last night {stupid TV channels!} I did stay up to watch the red carpet glamour and there was some serious fabulousness. There are 2 gowns that are my personal favorites and they couldn’t be more different. The first […]

Bridal Trends

Maybe I?m a bit late with this but in the same turn, maybe you weren’t paying attention to Bridal Market 2012. As busy as I was I still had to check in! So even if you were paying attention, here is a summary of the trends by the bridal designers this year as I saw […]

Wedding Party of Two

Today’s post is a little story about a couple in love. Really in love and determined to have the wedding party of their dreams. I found these two to be pretty inspiring. So much so that all of the suppliers I hired for them agreed. The photographer and I both cried when they said their […]

1950s Glamour

I am a big Oscars fan. I absolutely love staying up late to watch it every year. Of course part of that is the red carpet for which all wedding bloggers and general fashionistas are rearin to reviewing all of the fab and not so fab Oscar gowns and how great or not so great […]

vintage tea

Wedding styling and décor is so much more than chair covers {yuck} and fairy light backdrops. It is the little touches. It is bringing a look together. {those fairy light things never even fill the whole wall!} Look to the little details to add the style and personality. Pearl & Godiva are doing that little […]