Long Vs Round

You know the term ‘different strokes for different folks?’  Well as an American in Ireland I see lots of things done here that are so standard and done so often, people almost think doing anything different just isn’t going to work/  isn’t good enough / won’t look right / or simply “you can’t do it”. […]

Vintage Inspiration -Furniture

I love antiques and if you are planning a vintage themed or shabby chic wedding, look no further for inspiration than Factory 20. They are based in Virginia in America so unless you are ready to splash the cash {or actually live in America} I think you will just have to take the inspiration and […]

Decor Rentals and Hire

Ok, my title sounds boring but rentals are not. Seriously. You can totally change a room and its atmosphere so please read on. Most venues and hotels have all the basic items you will need for your wedding but have a good look at them. Are they nice? Do they match? Or do you just […]