Edible Wedding Favors

When I was little, every wedding I went to or my parents went to, I recieved a little packet of 5 sugared Jordan almonds wrapped in tulle with a little bow and very often 2 gold wedding rings. I thought they were the most beautiful things ever. And even though they didn’t really taste that […]

Chandelier Wedding Cake

Chandelier Wedding Cake Chandeliers are part of a wedding because of their elegance and style. In fact, the image above {or similar} has seen its way onto wedding invitations, menus and full themes for weddings. How far would you go for your theme? On your wedding cake. How about a wedding cake as a Chandelier. […]


I get asked about wedding cakes a lot as you can imagine. To some it is important, to others, it just isn’t a priority. For the ones that will have a cake, they want a nontraditional soft iced cake and they want it to taste good. One of my brides said to me once, “I […]

Milk & Cookies

Unfortunately I can?t say this is my own idea. Martha Stewart featured them , I saw them on Four Weddings and certainly once the dessert and sweets tables started showing up this was a natural progression. The milk & cookies table {or bar or station or whatever you want to call it} is an idea […]

Fortune Cookies-MMMM Dipped

As I was cruising the net, as I do, I came across these and thought they were so adorable that I had to share. Dipped fortune cookies. But look how colorful they are! Edible favors always go down a treat {no pun intended!} and these are fun, tasty and cute. They can be found on […]