Wedding Planning – The Guest List

Wedding Plan The Guest List You may wonder why I put the Budget section first, as many people begin with the guest list. Well, as discussed last week your budget is what you have; and because you only have what you have, the budget is not (and should not be) flexible while your guest list […]

Where To Start?!

Just engaged! Yippee!! With Christmas and New Year’s just gone and Valentine ’s Day rapidly approaching, many luck girls have now found {or will find} themselves with a stunning new sparkly engagement ring on their fingers and the question. Where to start?! After the overwhelming joy comes the overwhelming ‘OMG, what do I do now!’For […]

Unique Wedding Invitations

You have heard me say it before and I’ll say it again. I love invitations, stationery, and letterpress. But I also love anything different and special and bespoke. In my Sunday cruising of the web {as mentioned a few times this week} I came across A Fine Press Custom Event Stationers who did the stunning […]

Wedding gift registries

  There can be a lot of controversy on wedding gift registries and as mentioned this subject has come up quite a few times over the last week. Even at the weekend I was at the Bride of the Year Wedding Show at the RDS in Dublin and there were booths there representing companies that […]

Looking Back after the Wedding Day

I’ve often wondered what happens after the wedding day. Of course I get the lovely thank you letters with all went great but sometimes there are the thoughts like ‘Oh, I wish I’d done this….’ Or ‘I wouldn’t do that if I had a do over.’ What are your priorities? What will you not compromise […]