What a Wedding Planner Doesn’t Do

Often a Wedding Planner isn’t fully appreciated until after the wedding which is ok because I can understand that. The biggest part of our job is to make sure the wedding day runs smoothly and a couple won’t see how well the day has gone until afterwards. What I find most difficult is the stuff […]

keep calm and carry on

You try and try. You have put every ounce of energy into the precise planning of your perfect wedding. Then someone drops a wrench into the works of your well-oiled machine. Listen, things will happen. Sometimes just a little glitch during the planning process will throw even the most stable bride into a panic. Keep […]

The M- word. Budget

Money. Nobody seems to like talking about it but it is essential. If you are one of those rare brides who does not have to look at price tags then you can stop reading here but for everyone else, brides and vendors alike, please keep reading. I reckon there are 3 types of brides when […]

The Week Before Your Wedding

We are well and truly into wedding season. Lots and lots of weddings going on all over the world. Do you know what this means? Lots and lots of brides thinking ‘how am I going to do all of this?’ You may be a month out before your wedding day and have it all under […]

Wedding Timeline-Choosing Attendants

You might already have a good idea about who you will be asking to fulfill the different roles with in your Bridal party but as with anything related to your wedding don’t make any snap decisions. Choosing the wrong person can cause quite a lot of grief. We all have heard stories of the unhelpful […]