Wedding Planning – How to Budget

udgeting for a wedding seems to be really difficult for a lot of couples. How do you do it you ask? Well, I could say, “The answer to that is easy, how much do you have?” and then sign off. But noooooooo. It is vital that you both sit down and discuss this. Get yourselves […]

Where To Start?!

Just engaged! Yippee!! With Christmas and New Year’s just gone and Valentine ’s Day rapidly approaching, many luck girls have now found {or will find} themselves with a stunning new sparkly engagement ring on their fingers and the question. Where to start?! After the overwhelming joy comes the overwhelming ‘OMG, what do I do now!’For […]

The M- word. Budget

Money. Nobody seems to like talking about it but it is essential. If you are one of those rare brides who does not have to look at price tags then you can stop reading here but for everyone else, brides and vendors alike, please keep reading. I recon there are 3 types of brides when […]

The Table Plan

The dreaded table plan! It has to be done and I know it takes time and some people drop out at the last minute and there are constant revisions but DO NOT be tempted to do free seating. It causes chaos. Free seating makes you look unorganized, the hotel look unprofessional, puts guests under pressure […]

Monthly Round Up, Table Styling, Boutwell studios

As this is a bank holiday weekend and the first of the month {it has been a really good month, with lots on the go!}, I have decided to do a compilation of my most popular posts. Kinda like a mixed tape. – You remember them! All of your favorites in one spot although not […]