Rainy Day Weddings

The weather has certainly changed and it is time to snuggle up and prepare for winter. Or at least the rain. If it rains on your wedding don’t worry. If you are planning a wedding anytime in Ireland you have to prepare for rain. A good brolly for in and out of the church and […]

keep calm and carry on

You try and try. You have put every ounce of energy into the precise planning of your perfect wedding. Then someone drops a wrench into the works of your well-oiled machine. Listen, things will happen. Sometimes just a little glitch during the planning process will throw even the most stable bride into a panic. Keep […]

Monthly Round Up, Table Styling, Boutwell studios

As this is a bank holiday weekend and the first of the month {it has been a really good month, with lots on the go!}, I have decided to do a compilation of my most popular posts. Kinda like a mixed tape. – You remember them! All of your favorites in one spot although not […]

Zilla Pills

It happens to the best of us during the wedding planning process. The Bridezilla in us rears its ugly head. Yes, even I roared at my poor father in the middle of the supermarket because we had to be at a meeting at my wedding venue and he couldn’t decide which bread to buy for […]