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efore you read this post I want to start by saying that it is not a vent. It could easily turn into one, but I am a calm and composed person who will simply address the issues. ” And if you read passion in the words it is because I am passionate about what I […]

Getting Married in Ireland

…Outside of the church In my series telling you how to get married in Ireland we have covered the legalities, getting married in  the Catholic church and now I’m going to talk about wedding ceremonies outside of the church. If you want to get married in Ireland but neither of you is particularly religious or […]

Getting Married in Ireland & The Catholic Church

A few weeks ago I told you the basics of how to get married in Ireland and outside of the church. Easy enough really. Now I’ll get into the church. Firstly I’d like to say that I know the first thing most people think of when planning a wedding is the party but please, please, please don’t […]

Where To Start?!

Just engaged! Yippee!! With Christmas and New Year’s just gone and Valentine ’s Day rapidly approaching, many luck girls have now found {or will find} themselves with a stunning new sparkly engagement ring on their fingers and the question. Where to start?! After the overwhelming joy comes the overwhelming ‘OMG, what do I do now!’For […]

Getting Married In Ireland

There is so much information floating around on the ole Internet. It’s great isn’t it? But do you know what kills me? It’s not always right. And I get sooooo many emails from couples who are so confused because they are reading about residency, giving notice and how to do that and where so I […]