Intimate Kinsale Wedding

Back in September, Sophie and Brian brought about 50 family and friends over from American to revisit their Irish heritage and get married in Kinsale. Definitely a merging of two families, this beautiful couple was lucky to have a dry day to enjoy the great scenery {and great food!} of Kinsale along with the admiration […]

The Week Of

….your wedding is a busy time. Or maybe I should say it can be but doesn’t have to be. The last 4 weeks for me have been full of weddings so I wanted to tell you what you should be doing during that time. Note that many of you will have more to do, some […]

Saturday Quickie – Plan

With every wedding I do, I either learn a little something new or something I already knew becomes blatantly clear again. This past week is no different so I am going to pass it on. What I am sharing with you today is not rocket science. Far from it, it’s more like common sense. Here […]

Wedding Day Timelines

This is a post I put up a while back but because I have had a busy week doing very detailed timelines for 2 upcoming wedding, I thought it was apt to put out there again. I hope you enjoy it again if you read it the first time around! One of my brides was […]

Saturday Quickie

Another great idea from Martha. Have your vows written in calligraphy for framing later. What a beautiful reminder of what you mean to each other.