Oscar Style

Yes I love love love the Oscars. And even though I didn’t get to actually watch it last night {stupid TV channels!} I did stay up to watch the red carpet glamour and there was some serious fabulousness. There are 2 gowns that are my personal favorites and they couldn’t be more different. The first […]

Sunday Shoes

Feathers and Shoes and Inspiration Because I am about to take a plain pair of shoes and tart them up a bit with feathers, I went looking for some inspiration. How is this for inspiration? Love the shoe, love the shot and I found it on Enchanted Dream Weddings Blog. Then there are these lovelies. […]

Online Fashion Outlet

Chatting away to a friend the other day she was telling me how delighted she was about buying a new leather jacket on eBay for a fiver.  I was happy for her but mentioned what a chore I find shopping for online fashion at eBay to be. Well! Did you know about eBay Outlet? It’s […]

sunday shoes 42

I know a bride who is doing a multi-colored wedding and she is looking for shoes. Blue it seems for herself and other colors for the girls. I recommended Nina because they have such a great selection and how cool would it be to have all of your maids in different colored shoes. Either in […]

Wedding Trends – Shoes

I am all about shoes. This post though is not about designer wedding shoes or colored wedding shoes, this trend post is about alternative shoes to wear at your wedding. You may choose them for practical reasons like getting married outside on the grass or a beach or purely for comfort ? in fact, you […]