Bridal Lingerie – The Foundation

Foundations are important. You need a strong foundation for your relationship, your house, and your bridal lingerie. Strange analogy? Not really. Support is support anywhere and to look fantastic in the perfect dress you looked so hard for is important. You don’t want bumps and bulges, and even if you are lucky enough to be thin and have the perfect figure {yes, you are really lucky} so still want everything to fit where it should. Your bridal undergarments are about making you feel comfortable and secure. Showing off your good bits and minimizing the bad.











This is not about pretty wedding night lingerie {we’ll talk about that later}, it’s about the under the dress real keep-you-in make-the-dress-fit-and-stay-up lingerie because wedding lingerie will change how a wedding dress fits and you will need to have it before your first fitting.

Bridal undergarments can be difficult to find as each gown and body is different. Strapless, halter, plunge neck or back and the fabric of your gown can hinder your search even more. For example, if your gown is a fitted satin you don’t want lace or boning showing through. I’m sure you chose your gown well and know what suits you and where you need support and where you don’t.

I am a great fan of shopping online but in this case, I can’t recommend it. You will need a proper fitting and probably even get measured for a bra. 70% of us are wearing the wrong size. The better and larger department stores will do it along with specialty lingerie shops.

-Bustier or Corsette Bra

Great for strapless gowns and most will give you full-coverage all the way to the tummy so you won’t get bulging where it finishes.

-Long-line Bra

longline bra

Also good for a strapless gown but you won’t get full coverage like a bustier. You might get away with no bulges as long as it fits correctly and if your gown is of a heavier fabric.
-Convertible Bra

The straps are changeable so you can cross them, one-shoulder them or halter them. You can also wear it again after the wedding by keeping the straps as normal to wear with regular clothing.
-Adhesive Bra

These can work quite well and are perfect if you? re wearing a backless dress. Most will last around 12 hours and are suitable even for larger busted women but if you are larger try them for a day first.
-The Body Shaper

Ok, these are really not pretty but are so practical. Some brides won’t need this as they are really like modern girdles but more comfortable than the old style ones. Body shapers are typically made of strong nylon or Lycra and you can get them for just about every dress and body type. Just around the waist, down past the hips, with legs {as long as you like} and there are many brands and types on the market. Again, as seamless as possible is best? and more comfortable. Get on longer than you think you will need

Please don’t skimp on the price here. You skimp on price and you skimp on quality and support. They are not cheap but imagine how great you will look and look fab wearing them when going to your friend’s weddings even after your own.

By the way, all images are from Classic Shapewear.

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