Beautiful and Intimate-Farrah and Paul

Where do I begin with Farrah & Paul’s wedding? I suppose I’ll start generally and say that I am very lucky with the couples who allow me to be a part of their happiness. Farrah was so lovely, gracious and fun to work with. Her wedding was planned by her mainly from Australia {with a little help from me here} and she had only been to Ireland and her venue, Fota Island Resort, a few times.

The main objective was that her wedding to Paul was ‘ beautiful and intimate’ and after a lot of emails, Skype calls and photo sharing, I think she achieved it. Here are the photos of Farrah and Paul’s beautiful and intimate wedding taken by the super talented and all-around really nice guy, Shane O’Neill of Aspect Photography.

Beautiful and Intimate-Farrah and Paul

Beautiful and Intimate

Beautiful and Intimate-Farrah and Paul a boutonniere

Beautiful and Intimate-Farrah and Paul a little drop the whiskey

boutonniere putting on eye liner Beautiful and Intimate-Farrah and Paul

Farrah and Paul

Farrah and Paul

Farrah and Paul bride by the window sill

Normally I’d give you lots of details images but I thought the photos were so stunning of the day as a whole that you’d kinda get that it was beautiful. AND….Lookie here, I have the video too! Great film making by Rodolphe of Best Day Productions which I love and am delighted to be able to share.

So credit where credit due:

Again, couldn’t do this post at all if it weren’t for Shane O’Neill at Aspect Photography. If you love striking photography, you should head over to his website and blog just have a look around for pure pleasure not forgetting Rodolphe’s many artistic wedding films on his blog here

The venue was the Golf Clubhouse at Fota Island Resort, stunning bouquets and all the flowers were from Carole at The Best of Buds in Cork who is always a pleasure to work with. Hair was Joanne Kelly and Makeup by Kate Rose Crean. The cake came from Cloudberry Bakery in Co Kerry much to the dismay of all of the Cork guests and Roly Smyth and The Hitmen Trio kept everyone dancing and entertained with all the great music the whole day. All were just a super fab team to work with. Thanks, everyone!

And Farrah and Paul, congratulations again and thank you for letting me be part of your beautiful and intimate day.


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