August roundup – wedding styles

Wedding styles

Well, I’m finding it hard to believe it’s September already. All the Kids are back to school and Dingle seems to be winding down {albeit slowly} from another season. It may seem a bit late for the August monthly roundup but as I have been MIA for a while it is only my second post in September anyway. So here are my most popular posts from August.

Yellow Tie Wedding

A gorgeous real Irish wedding shot by Magda Lucas. I loved this one for the softness and freshness of it.

wedding-shoes magda lucas

Wedding Photo Booths

This one showed off my favorite photo booth. The design is well over a year old but just a classic that I wanted to make sure everyone had seen and can take inspiration from! Photos by Elizabeth Messina and designed by Sasha Souza. Have another look!


Luxury Linens

I want you to tear up those old bog standard chair covers with the bow! Style has moved on! Take inspiration from these luxury designer chair covers and linens from Wildflower Linens. Visit their website to see much much more.


The Business of Weddings Ireland

This was a post for the Irish Wedding Community about a conference I am putting on for wedding businesses in Ireland. I got a really good response. Irish Wedding Suppliers, if you haven’t read it PLEASE do and if you have, well, here it is again. Have you signed up?


So I hope you enjoy these again and thanks for watching!

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