Astilbe Wedding Bouquet

I realize I’ve done a few of these “what flower is this” posts but it?s time for another because  I have a new favorite flower.

Am I fickle? Or can I just not help myself when there are so many pretty flowers {amongst the other pretty things to do with weddings} out there?

So the new one! Astilbe. Lovely, soft and feathery. Simple and pretty. My next wedding has lots of them and a past few had many. Beautiful on their own and great as soft fillers in bouquets.

Here are a few samples

Bouquet by The Floral Lab

Astilbe Wedding Bouquet
Astilbe Wedding BouquetThe Floral Lab via Chandra Keel Events

Astilbe Wedding BouquetFlowers by Matthew Robbins Designs

Mix them with other flowers in a bouquet

Astilbe Wedding BouquetImage from Floral Verde

Astilbe Wedding BouquetImage from Jay Archer Floral Designs

Image from Bouquet Bouquet

image from Bouquet Bouquet

Love them. So sweet-looking, soft and lovely.

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