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Wedding Apps

Wedding websites, I go on about them and ask every couple I have if they are doing one. They are so handy and informative for your guests and you. But it seems that wedding websites are sooooo 2010!

Here we are in 2015 and there is a personal wedding App for your iPhone, iPad and web with an Android version on the way.

Wedding Apps

Appy Couple can do all of the things your wedding website can do like, tell your story, introduce your bridal party, inform your guests of all events and happy happenings, hold a photo gallery, play games, send you messages, wedding day countdown and tell your guests as much {or as little} as you like about your theme.

I’ve just played with it a little and am in techy love!  First, you choose a colour {any colour} or style.

color picker

and you will get a selection of really good templates. I chose a green colour but then liked this template

Wedding Apps

Available on iTunes or you can go to their website to get started.

Lastly, you can also get a fully coordinating website for those guests without smartphones – like your granny.

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