Apothecary Jars-Victorian Lace!

Apothecary Jars

My fascination with apothecary jars started a long time ago. I think because I love antiques and apothecary jars seemed easy to find and cheap enough to purchase. They are just gorgeous for a home.

Now though, you see them everywhere for weddings too! On sweets tables, filled with flowers and as decor, even as cake stands!

Go truly vintage with coloured glass ones, an old chemist’s chest {I want one of those so badly!} and Victorian lace.

different types of Apothecary Jars

Sources clockwise from top. Wedding Fresh, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Heart Charm, Brown bottles unknown, The Spacious Life

Or fresh and shiny new

different types of Apothecary JarsSources clockwise from top Clear Jars, Wedding Bee, Milk glass, Decor Pad, Project WeddingApartment Therapy

And just naked, empty and beautiful.

Apothecary Jars glass and fancy

Apothecary Jars glass and fancy

I would absolutely have them all around my house. **sigh**

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