Always Look Up-Lighting

Look Up-Lighting

I was ashamed of myself at the weekend. I was meeting with one of my couples and the florist and as we did the walk-around of the venue, the groom looked up. He said ‘can we have something hanging down from the ceiling?’ I couldn’t believe that I had left it to the groom to suggest. In some venues, the thought would come automatically but in this case, {a restaurant venue with fabulous views} it did not.

So my lesson for today. Always look up. By adding something above, your room is 4 dimensional. It can change a venue or room from nice to wow. This photo is a great example. Imagine this without the string lights and the room would be quite basic. The string lights add softness and atmosphere, and elegance.

overhead lighting for weddings Always Look Up-Lighting

Photo by Roberto Valenzuela via Junebug Weddings

The overhead decor isn’t just about decorative lighting, although that can be practical {even though there may obviously be lighting already at the venue} and decorative, you can pump up the décor inside and out with lanterns, flowers or draping. All will give the extra effect, add the wow and show your guests that you really did put thought and style into the décor.

Here are a few examples of how hanging items can make the difference in your ceremony, an outdoor site or inside. By the way, all of these beautiful photos come from Junebug Weddings Image Gallery {which I just adore!}

wedding ceremony fabric draping Always Look Up-Lighting

Photo by Lauren McConnell

moroccan themed wedding Always Look Up-Lighting

Photo by Ben Chrisman


Photo by Elizabeth Messina

Candles on Branches

Photo by Joy Marie


Photo by Stephanie Cristalli

And outside:


Photo by Harrison Hurwitz


Photo by Merri Cyr


Photo by Yvette Roman


photo by Yvette Roman

Photo by Ben Chrisman

And the best for last……. I love love this one

hanging flower centerpieces

Photo from Opulent Courtier Blog

So that is our lesson for today. Add the added glam!

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