Aislinn Events Wedding Alumni 2012

What a year and what great couples I was lucky enough to have!

We went from Dingle to Waterford to Tipperary and lots of places in between with weddings of 2 to 200 on cliffs and in castles. We had couples who were quite reserved and some that were a little outgoing {just a little šŸ˜‰ }

We worked with so many great people including some fabulous photographers, so here are a few shots of some of Aislinn Events alumni 2012.

Aislinn Events Wedding Alumni 2012Brea & Tim by Poppies & Me

Aislinn Events Wedding Alumni 2012Tara & JJ by Mike Patterson Photography

Aislinn Events Wedding Alumni 2012Farrah & Paul by Aspect Photography

Aislinn Events Wedding Alumni 2012Diane & Mike by Tara Donoghue Photography

Kelly & Chris by KOH Weddings

Amanda & Ken by Breda Daly Photography

Carole & Adam by Cameron Boardman Photography

Josie & Jeff by Debs Ivelja

Lisa & Sean by SOSAC Photography

Joy & Scott by Aspect Photography

Jess & Peter by Poppies & Me

Aisling & Peter by Explore Light

Tiffany & David by Brosnan Photographic

Marissa & Eric By Lisa O’Dwyer Photography

So thanks to everyone who helped me make these couples {and more!} so very happy this year. It’s just too many names to name!

Happy New Year!

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