A Wedding Brand

Branding is a popular word right now when it comes to business. When ‘branding,  is used in a business context it’s all about your logo, the essence of your business and what it is about and how people perceive the business.

Brides, stick with me here. I am going somewhere with this. Think of Vera Wang, Martha Stewart, Preston Bailey. Please tell me you know who they are?!? Well if you don’t know who they are they are wedding industry icons. The creators and influences of style. They each are their own brand.

You too can be your own wedding brand. It’s more than just a wedding monogram {or wedding logo} which I do love and is a great start, it’s really the expression of the two of you and how that expression is perceived. The feeling you want your guests to have from the moment they open up their Save the Date until they head home blissfully after your wedding is finished. It’s the continuity of that idea and feeling in the look and atmosphere of your wedding.

I ask couples questions like how they met, how he {or she} proposed, what you like to do as a couple, what describes them as a couple, and more. In fact, I used to use metaphors {like “if your relationship was a car, what kind of car would you be?”} which got strange looks so I’ve kind of stopped doing that and get straight to the point. {- but think about it. What kind of car would you be?}

Then don’t just incorporate those details into your wedding, put small touches of them everywhere! It’s not just the design and style. It’s the location, the lighting, the linens, the flowers, the menu, the music.

You want to make your wedding so memorable and full of your wedding brand that your guests will associate an image, feeling, scent, texture to you immediately.

for great examples of this, I immediately flashback to Trishia & Justin’s Summer Camp Wedding that I showed last July and was photographed by Jodi Miller Photography.

Wedding Brand signs for a wedding They got it so right. I bet when their guests even smell pine-scented anything they think of that wedding!

Another I always think of is Minhee and Truman’s school wedding as featured on Martha Stewart’s Weddings. This couple met in elementary school and everything in their wedding was so well through through and in an old school theme.

Wedding Brand tables and desk with letters written on them The invitations were report cards, photos were school picture day style, you can see here the escort card display and table-scape. They just had everything right.

Of course, lots more examples can be found on wedding blogs everywhere but remember it’s not just the decorating or even the styling. It’s the feeling too! Carry that all the way through to the end. Polished, stylish and you! no matter how formal or relaxed your wedding brand.

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