A Priceless Wedding

A Priceless Wedding

I received an email inquiry recently that made me sad. A bride to be contacted me that she and her fiancé wanted to elope. She had a few questions, which of course everyone does but she wanted her elopement “on the cheap”.

That made me sad.

I don’t care what your budget is, if you want to get married “on the cheap” you are not my bride. Nor that of most wedding vendors I know. I mean, if you aren’t enthusiastic about your wedding why should your suppliers be?

Maybe that was the only way she knew to express that she was on a tight budget and really really wanted to marry her fiancé but just couldn’t afford to spend a lot of money.

If you can’t afford a wedding or an elopement that’s totally fine, it happens. I’ve helped couples get married and they spent less than €2500 but I’ll tell you one thing, their day wasn’t cheap. It was a beautiful and meaningful and they loved it and they were elated.

That couple not only got value for their money but they put love and thought into what they wore, what they said to each other, where they got married and what they did afterwards to celebrate. Their wedding wasn’t expensive but it was very very valuable.

Not cheap in any way. Please never ever consider, think of or call your wedding cheap. Or even any part of it. Nothing about marrying the person you love is cheap.


Killarney Ireland elopement Elope to IrelandPhoto by Breda Daly

I answered my emailer’s questions and told her that she could get married for €200 if that was all she had and that I could do it  for €2,500 total with celebrant, ceremony, photographer, flowers {and maybe more} so your wedding doesn’t have to be expensive but that I don’t do cheap weddings.

My weddings and my couples are priceless.

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