A Few Basic Things I Can’t Live Without

I carry a lot of things with me on a wedding day. Some may seem bizarre {a full 3m x 3m gazebo} but there are some basic things which are good to have on hand in case you see a space that just ‘needs something’. Believe me when I say that I’m not terribly crafty. I do bits of crafts when I need to and maybe am starting to enjoy it a little but if you are DIY-ing anything at your wedding these are handy little items to have to fill in the gaps and really just add a little extra last-minute touch. I’m lucky because I have collected many of the items here and there over the past year and some may not fit the theme of every wedding but do tend to compliment the style many couples are having now which is more relaxed, fun and whimsical wedding. So here are a few things I couldn’t do without. Wire. 2 kinds, one good strong wire and a thinner lighter one. I use ones similar to these:

The heavy one will hang or secure nearly anything and the lighter one is great for more subtle tasks like keeping bows/flowers secure on the back of your chairs at the church. Plus I love hanging things and wire is nearly the only job for it.

Tags. All kinds of tags, white ones, brown ones, luggage ones, fancy ones.

cantlivewithout1-1024x724page.0r1b7f6c370m2x0qI have used them for place names on the top table {tying on to each person’s wine glass with their name on it and also acting as a wine charm. The bride always puts her glass down and loses it} Wishing tree tags, ‘Please take one’  tags, “eat’ or ‘drink me’ tags, as the table plan, tying napkins. Everywhere! I love tags.

Ribbon. Whatever the color and whether you use satin, organza, grosgrain or printed. Use a ribbon for fun whimsical items


or go as wide as you can get away with for more elegance


Twine. Bakers or natural. More casual or rustic than ribbon. Use to tie napkins, hang those tags or any little jobs just to add an extra touch on invites or even bouquets.


Picture frames. In all shapes, sizes, and styles. Great to make signs, leave empty and hang {oop need wire and ribbon!},



or insert fun or family photos in. What a concept! And chalkboards of course. I don’t think I have to explain how much you can do with these!

chalkboard02{the collage above and more are on Aylee Bits}

Of course, there are always all kinds of candles and extra vases that come along with me {decorated with the items above}  and I always ask the florist to leave me any unused flowers that would have been purchased already in bunches that I can dot around the rooms, put in the ladies, etc. So I suppose those are my little secret bits, favorite things, and items I can’t live without. Any ideas yourself??

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