A Cliff Top Wedding

We have had a great summer this year. Just a really good stretch of nice days and warmth. Thankfully it started in the spring for Melony and Adri’s destination wedding to Ireland.

Melony and Adri had specific requirements. Not in design and style but location, needs and wants. Melony wanted to get married with a cliff top wedding ceremony with lush greenery and the sea in the background.  Lots of seaside cliff tops in Ireland right? Well there is more to it than that. The couple and their closest friends and family were coming into Ireland on a cruise ship which was only docking for the one day so we had to find them a secluded seaside spot for their ceremony and a nice lunch within an hour of Cobh, Co Cork.

On top of that, we really needed to give them the whole Ireland experience also in the same day.

I think we managed it! The Pink Elephant restaurant has great food, wonderful atmosphere and amazing views across the south Cork coast and therefore, an available cliff top close by for the ceremony and a great back up plan in the restaurant itself.

After lunch it was a wedding photo tour of Cork stopping at Kinsale, Charles Fort, a castle, and a little tour around Cobh with stops at the Bishop’s house with amazing views of Cobh Harbour and the cathedral and the obligatory stop at a few pubs. – It has to be done! The group created a happy stir everywhere they went and, sadly, but after a very full and happy day, they returned to their ship.

Have a lookie at the bright and beautiful photos of the whole happy day by Emma Jervis.






green shoes, Irish destination wedding


Purple freesia wedding boutonniere










cliff side destination wedding ireland

seaside destination wedding Ireland

purple green lavender brides bouquet. peonies dahlias, roses sweet peas







colorful Irish destination wedding, Kinsale

colorful destination wedding to Ireland seaside wedding




Ireland destination wedding, Cobh Co cork



a wedding day in Cobh Co Cork

pub Irish destination wedding
Thanks to everyone who helped with the day. Everyone was so flexible and accommodating.

Photos by Emma Jervis

Location was The Pink Elephant {I love it there! Just a great place for a party} in Kilbrittain

Cake was The Diva Bakery in Ballinspiddle

Flowers Daisy Chain Kinsale

Harpist was Nancy Long who was wonderful to work with and actually did haul her harp onto the side of a cliff!

Celebrant Louie Quirke from Yes, I do

What a great day and whole experience they all had!

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